step 1 how to download winbox
Step 1 - Scan QR code
Step 2 - Sign Up" to create an Free Account
Step 3 - Create UID and Password
Step 4 - You are done registerd
Step 5 - Press the 918kiss icon to Download game APK
Step 6 - Press the Download button
Step 7 - Press Download anyway
Step 8 - Click install for access the apk download
Step 9 - Wait for 918kiss installing
Step 10 - Wait the last step of Installing
Step 11 - Enjoy 918kiss!!
step 1 how to download winbox
Step 1 - Scan QR code
Step 2 - Sign Up" to create an Free Account
Step 3 - Create UID and Password
Step 4 - You are done registerd
Step 5 - Press the 918kiss icon to Download game APK
Step 6 - Go to Setting
Step 7 - Press General and VPN & Management
Step 8 - Connect VPN and enjoy 918Kiss

Introduction Mega888

Mega888 is one of the most popular online casinos in Southeast Asia and they provide more than 200 casino games like slot games, video slots, fishing games and live table games that gives the players the most authentic gaming experience. All the games in Mega888 have been perfectly optimised for the players to play and fully compatible to all the operating systems like Android and iOS to ensure a smooth and quick gameplay.

Mega888 has become the top one favourite game of the Southeast Asia players because it is mainly focused on slot games. Mega888 has customised different slot games with different themes, symbol graphics and bonus features to fulfil the satisfaction of the players. The fact that Mega888 is very easy to install and download on your mobile device and offer the top quality of games.

Mega888 is very easy to predict and highly reputable and dependable for gameplay fairness. The slot games would pay the players a higher RTP rate compared with other slot game providers. It is very reliable as it will not exploit the players benefits as they are constantly giving free spins and bonuses for the players based on the RNG system. Undoubtedly, a high payout from online casinos is the most enticing part for the players.

Mega888 Overall Rating

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Mega888 has an excellent user friendly interface that is good structure and easy to navigate the games even for the first time player. Normally the user interface has to cover the elements like spin button, icons, fonts, then it has to be clear and vital to allow the players easier to understand what they are experiencing right now. An excellent interface feature would give the players an excellent visual effect to the players and create a wonderful gaming experience.

The appealing visual design is also one of the highlights of Mega888 as a beautifully designed slot game would improve the players gaming experience. It is a piece of technology to create awesome images and graphics for this visually demanding generation especially the online casino industry. The visual configuration will affect the game performance so visual design is really important for the gameplay. With the background music, the player can have a realistic and immersive experience.

When you need to search for specific slot games, you can always find them in Mega888 online casino because it offers a wide variety of slot games. You can have fun with their games with different themes like Egyptian themes, Chinese narrative themes, Indian themes, Thailand themes, underwater themes and others. Their gaming structures and symbols are also different and exclusive with other slot games, fishing games, video slots and live table games.

Besides the excitement and fun of the slot games, immediate customer service is always one of the highlights of Mega888 online casino. Their customer service is efficient and responsive as they will always manage the customer demands and inquiries to make sure the business is growing steadily. It is also essential when the online casino is operating in a global market for different time zones. 24 hours 7 days customer support will add integrity and reputation to the online casino brand.

The primary concern from the players is always the safety and security of the online casino because most of the players are worried their personal data and financial information will be exposed to the third party. Mega888 is definitely a quality online casino as it is regulated and licensed by the international gambling organisation to ensure the players are playing in a safe and secured environment.

Mega888 has operated for more than 7 years and there is no scandal regarding the unencrypted system. It is a reputable online casino because all the bank rolls are safe with Mega888 online casino all the time. Mega888 has offered multiple types of online payment methods to the players as more convenient to make payment and withdraw money. The players would always prefer quick payment transactions so “Instant Top Up” from the bank is the majority player’s option.

The only disadvantage of Mega888 online casino is it is not available in seamless view and h5 version of the app. The player has to download Mega888 from a third party website or it cannot be accessed on the browser. It reduces the flexibility and convenience of the players to play on Mega888 app. If there is an issue of downloading applications, then the players are unable to gamble on the online casino. Without a seamless view, this may result in the players not getting the best experience of the game.

On the other hand, Mega888 online casino is currently not providing cryptocurrency payment gateway for the players. However, this may be because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the game provider is not offering this method for their own business benefit but not for the player’s convenience. They should consider this payment method when they are expanding to the global market.

Available Games in Mega888

Online Slots

For anyone who wants to try their luck with small bets and win big, the slot game is definitely their best choice among all the games. Whenever the identical symbols in spin reels like scatter symbols, wild symbols, then they can get free spins or multipliers on the gameplay. The more paylines you get, the higher stake you win from the game. Always understand and read the rules of slot games before you start playing.

Dolphin Reef
If you prefer underwater creatures, you may try the Dolphin Reef, one of the most popular classic slot games in Mega888. It is because it usually offers the players a great win with great bonus features and higher paylines compared to other online casinos. With the ocean creatures symbols like dolphin, turtle, seashells and others, the players who love the ocean will love the spectacular deep sea gaming experience because it always has higher variance to win the game.

Fortune Panda
This is a very lively slot game because it is the cutest and the most loveable creature in this world and also known as China national treasure. It always draws wide attention from the people and generates happiness like it appears as the logo or mascot of worldwide events like Olympics. Therefore, when you have three or more panda symbols in your reels, then you are entering a free game of Fortune Panda.

Featuring the polar bear in the slot game, this slot game will bring you into an icy wonderland. There are many winter creatures included in this game like penguins, snow owls, wolves and other animals, also igloo and snow symbols relevant to snow setting. You absolutely will enjoy the beauty of snowland in this game with their beautiful Iceland designed theme.

Video Slots

Video slot is an integrated slot game which is available in single player and multiple players mode so the player can play with other players at the same time online. It is a more interactive game compared to classic slot games. Same as slot games, click on the spin button and wait for the outcome as the spin will hit on the icon like banker, player and tie or other bonus features in different games.

Battle World
The storyline in Battle World is the WuKong travelling with his cloud and getting ready to fight with the monster. There are WuKong’s friends like little green snake, Hong Hai Er and little buffalo to help him fight against the different monsters. As long as the player places a bet on the characters that will appear later, the player can bet as many as he can because as long as the characters appear and fight to win the monsters, then the player will have higher reward.

Fishing Game
Join the best fishing arcade game with colourful fishes and ocean creatures that have massive rewards and prizes. It is definitely a skill and action based shooting game because the players need to get focus and shoot the fish down. Always increase your stake for stronger and better cannons and bullets, there is a higher chance to kill more fishes and activate the bonus in game. It is also a very interactive game compared with classic slot games because you can choose single player mode or multiple players mode.

Da Sheng Nao Hai
Mega888 always uses the Chinese narrative character WuKong as their theme story. Da Sheng Nao Hai is actually WuKong goes underwater to shoot the fishes. Same as other fishing games, the players need to shoot the fishes, shells and other sea creatures to earn the rewards and bonuses. With excellent visuals and music, it has perfectly provided a sense of excitement to the players and totally immersed them in the game. It is a very remarkable game because it is highly engaging.

Ocean King
Ocean King is a mobile fishing game that is presented in Chinese style with strong Chinese oriental visual graphics and traditional Chinese song. Recently Ocean King has been improved with new bonus features and structure for smoother and quicker gameplay. Some creatures are bigger than others, shoot the bigger ones because the larger one will generate the bigger rewards to the players.

How to download Mega888

As we all heard Mega888 online casino is very popular in Malaysia and there are more than one millions downloads of users. The whole download process in iOS and Android is very simple and fast as long as the player is following guides. To download Mega888, click the download button at Mega888 official website, there are “Android” and “iOS” options for the player to choose. Choose the correct operating system to download according to your devices, and remember to allow your device to run Mega888 apps that were developed by third parties.

Same as Winbox online casino, you need to download the Winbox apps from the third party developer but it is definitely safe and secure for all the users. Regardless of Winbox or Mega888 online casino applications, they are free to install and register accounts. Winbox online casino is a fast growing company that just started to enter global markets like Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. You can find all different types of international online casino games in Winbox apps like slot games, live casinos, fishing games, sport betting.

Test ID

Always practise with a demo account before you start your real money game. It can help you to decide whether the game is suitable for you or not. You can enter the game with Test ID without account registration and get to play the game without real money deposit. However, if the test ID is being used, the other player will not be able to log in to play. You need to request the Test ID available time from customer service.

Other than that, all the winnings in the demo account are not able to withdraw to your bank account. Once the game credit is used below 2000 credits, then the operation team will restore the game credits to 2000. You can try all the slot games like Bonus Bears, Iceland, Great Blue with your test ID. Once you have tried all the features out in Mega888 online casino, you can register your personal gaming account and make a deposit.

Test ID: 00001
Password: 00001


As a licensed legal online casino, Mega888 has provided all the essentials to the players like responsive and helpful customer support team, strict and stable security and safety to protect the database, a great selection of online casino games like slot games, live casino and fishing games, unlimited bonuses and promotions for the players and excellent user interface and user experience.

It is a perfect online casino for all the mobile devices users like Android and iOS, all transactions are secured with this platform. None of the players have any bad experience with this platform because Mega888 is developed by cutting edge technologies to ensure the game quality and security is tip top. There are more than 100,000 users betting real money with this platform. Let’s register a Mega888 account today and claim your Welcome Bonus now!


How to download Mega888?

To download the Mega888 APK version, go to Mega888 official website and click on “Download”. The players are able to download the Mega888 in Android and iOS mobile devices and it is perfectly compatible with both operating systems. However, it is developed by a third party developer that you need to approve the installation on devices.

How to register Mega888?

To register Mega888, you may register an ID with Mega888 customer service by providing your username, password and phone number for verification. Once successfully verify your identity, then you can log in Mega888 with the ID given. There are no charges at all for account registration.

On the other hand, you can register a Winbox account easily without paying any fees also. You are only required to provide your username, password and phone number and identity verification.Once you successfully created your Winbox account, kindly contact our customer service.

What is Mega888?

Mega888 is a truly outstanding online casino with excellent game quality, platform stability and speed, design and interface features, security and customer service. Mega888 is also known as one of the best game providers in global markets like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore because it offers a variety of casino games like slot games, video slots, live table games and fishing games.

Winbox online casino is also an all in one online casino that provides a great selection of casino games like slot games, video slots, live table games, fishing games, sport betting games and lotteries. You only need to download Winbox apps to access all the games provided.

Is Mega888 safe?

Mega888 is highly reputable and stable because it has a brilliant operation team to ensure the players are playing in a safe and secure environment. It is fully regulated and licensed by the international gambling organisation. Besides that, it has zero cases of hacking data problems as it has the top notch security team features their 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall to protect the players personal information from the third party. Winbox online casino is very safe to play and also one of the most reputable and stable online casinos in the Southeast Asia market.

How to deposit Mega888?

To make a deposit with Mega888, it is very simple and fast. You can make your payment with multiple methods like online transfer, ATM bank in cash, E wallet like Touch And Go and Boost to the given bank account. Then submit your bank slip to their customer service, then the game credit will be transferred within 5 minutes.

How to withdraw from Mega888?

To withdraw from Mega888 online casino, you can submit your personal bank account details to the customer service. Then you can enter the amount of winnings that you want to withdraw from Mega888 and click on “Withdraw”, then you will receive your winnings within 5 minutes.

It is much easier to withdraw your credits from a Winbox account. You are only required to key in your bank account for the first time withdrawal, then you only need to enter your withdrawal amount every time after the first time withdrawal.


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