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Introduction to Asia Gaming

Living in the current advanced and innovative generation, there are individuals who are now switching to online casinos to play their bets. This has provided them with convenience and rigorous security, as anyone may wager anywhere, at any moment in personal comfort.

However, there are drawbacks to living in this technological generation, where scammers and illicit providers compete for people’s money. Nonetheless, there are authorised and certified online casino providers on the market as well, but it all leads back to the main concern — if the platform is truly legitimate and sanctioned by the appropriate authorities for public usage?

The most cutting-edge Asian live casino gaming supplier, Asia Gaming, provides more than 100 slot machines, table games, video poker games, and many more options. With its “VIP Private Room,” “Squeeze Baccarat,” and “Revealing Card Baccarat” games that deviated from the norm, Asia Gaming has been successful in capturing the interest of players and introducing new faces to the business. It was the first to provide players in the market an interactive Bid Baccarat and a pre-deal of six cards.

Asia Gaming has developed a range of slot machines that are available on mobile and desktop devices as part of its ongoing commitment to live casino innovation. They are also available on six distinct platforms, including AGIN, AGQ, BID, VIP, Multiplay, and Winbox. It is advised that users download the programme from Winbox Official since it offers a platform compatible with iOS and Android. This makes it possible for players from all over the world to access the online casino game without any issues or challenges because everybody can play the game!

Asia Gaming’s appearance is appealingly contemporary, providing a true casino experience every time. It is widely expected to enhance player engagement and, as a result, money creation.Despite the fact that the majority of their games are aimed at the Asian market, the developers make care to make them accessible to players in European nations and other regions of the world so that everyone may enjoy playing at an online casino.

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: In order to guarantee the safety and protection of its users, Asia Gaming employs stringent security protocols and a variety of encryption algorithms.

Games: There are conventional baccarat games, video slot games, and slot games offered.

Bonuses: a daily bonus, turnover promotions, daily spin bonus, and a 100% welcome bonus are just a few of the many exciting deals that can be found here.

Customer Support: Live chat (website), WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, phone calls.

Basic information

Live casino games
Email, WhatsApp and phone call
Pending on the platform one access

About Us

Asia Gaming is a live casino provider featuring some of Asia’s most creative gaming software companies. It offers the most modern and cutting-edge gaming solutions to gamers worldwide, allowing them to enjoy traditional framework games like as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dice, Roulette, and Andar Bahar in an online gaming framework.

It provides economical yet comprehensive solutions, assisting online casino operations in making the most of every opportunity. This leading solution has further developed a mobile platform that provides casino players with a realistic gambling experience every time.

Furthermore, Asia Gaming provides a diverse selection of unique and inventive gambling games, placing them among the most experienced and prominent participants in the industry. At the same time, adhering to the concept of “Impressive Experience Only,” which attempts to provide gamers with the most unique and remarkable gaming experience possible.

To provide an engaging gaming experience to players, Asia Gaming has recruited beauty anchors to join the team and host the games, with the goal of increasing website traffic, improving engagement, and, in turn, revenue generating.

Safety and Security

Many individuals may have doubted the legality and safety of an online casino —- is the licence valid? How is user data protection measured? Data confidentiality for the client?

Asia Gaming’s online gaming platform is secured and safeguarded by security measures. It is secure and trustworthy because it is licenced by The first Cayagan and accredited by the Gaming Laboratory International in the iGaming markets to support responsible gaming.

Because of its legitimacy, the brand has expanded globally, not just within Asia, demonstrating Asia Gaming’s credibility.

Consistently protecting the personal information of its players is one of the measures that it takes to ensure their safety. This needs to be managed with utmost caution considering that it not only discloses a player’s identity but also banking information. Asia Gaming has taken countermeasures corresponding with the seriousness of any issue in order to maintain information confidentially — ensuring a safe and wonderful gaming experience without worries

Bonuses and Promotion

Welcome, Bonus – Deposit RM20, Get RM20

Winbox presents a welcome bonus to new members who have heard of Winbox and are keen to register with Winbox. When a user registers for an account, Winbox will give them a RM20 free credit when an initial deposit of at least RM20 is deposited into the account – for a total of RM40! This welcome incentive is available to all players and it can only be used once!

Daily Bonus – Deposit RM30 Free RM10

Winbox provides its users with a number of fantastic bonuses on a daily basis, one of which is the Daily Bonus RM10 deal. As long as the player puts a minimum of RM30 into the account, Winbox gives an additional complimentary RM10, for a total of RM40! This incentive is only available on the day the player deposits. What’s more, players can deposit and claim every day as long as they reach a turnover X1.

Daily Super Promo – DEPOSIT

This Daily Super Promo is perfect for high-volume players who are looking for more favourable pricing options. It is divided into two promotions: deposit RM50 free RM20 and deposit RM150 free RM50. The first requires the player to achieve a turnover of 3X, while the second requires a turnover of 5X. Both of these free credit bonuses are redeemable on the next deposit day! This only applies to slot machine players!

List of Available Games

Asia Gaming is a well-established Asian software corporation that has developed a number of engaging and successful online casino games. Although they appear to be slot game providers, they do release new games and develop new game categories, for each game being custom-made to deliver the finest gaming experience to slot game enthusiasts, enabling anyone from all around the world to participate in various live casino games. Despite its headquarters located in the Philippines, this is an undeniably Asian-inspired company that provides an ideal platform for players who like stunning aesthetics and exciting gameplay.


Deal gives each player and the banker two cards that are face up; the winner is determined by whose hand total is closest to nine. If you bet on the player hand and it ends up having the highest point total that is closest to nine, your winnings will be multiplied by two. If, on the other hand, you bet on the banker’s hand and it comes out on top, you will receive 95% of your original stake back. When the sum of the values of the cards dealt is greater than nine, the sum of those values is added up, and either one or two are taken away to arrive at the final value. Players were able to view the total number of concurrent players at each table, in addition to statistical information, within the application. The players have the option of playing either Cagayan, ACQ, or EURO for the game.

Dragon Tiger

Played with cards spread out on a table, the quick-paced and simple card game known as Dragon Tiger may be found in Barracat. In addition to that, it is a well-known simplified Baccarat variation among players in Asia. When players place bets on either the Dragon or Tiger alternatives on the table, the game gets underway. At this point, there should be no other extra cards in play. Players place bets on either which card has a larger value or which suit it possesses. In the event that there is a draw, the casino retains half of the earnings, while the players receive back half of what they initially wagered.

Bull Bull

Bull Bull, is a card game played on live dealer tables in online casinos that alter or focus their offer in the Asian market. It is also known as Bullfight or Niu Niu, the game is played with six conventional card decks. In a head-to-head competition, the player competes against the banker. A five-card hand is divided into two parts: the left hand has three cards, while the right hand contains two cards. Each part of the hand is referred to as a part of the hand. In order for this to be possible, the value of the left hand must be a multiple of 10. The right hand is not restricted in this way, and it is recommended that its value be increased to the greatest extent feasible. When all is said and done, the winner of the game is determined by who has the greatest value.

Three Face

Another simple card game with a particular theme. Players can bet on a hand of three cards, a dragon, or a phoenix. You need to figure out which one will end up higher. The better reward will come from the one that is bigger. Players can also make side bets, when the odds are in your favour, you can win a game that requires both skill and luck. You have three cards and need to make the best poker hand possible with them. Those who love playing with cards will love this game.


This is a rather standard blackjack version available here that for players who have not played before will not have to learn any new rules or drastically alter their playing techniques. The arrangement of the blackjack screen is excellent, allowing players to see the full table. Furthermore, the controls are intuitively arranged around the border of the screen, making the game quite simple to play. There are four distinct viewing angles, and the video may be adjusted between HD and SD, allowing individuals with slower connections to participate. Aside from that, there are two side bets accessible when playing live blackjack from Asia Gaming. The first is a cash award if the three cards form a straight flush, flush, straight, or three of a kind. The other side bet available is Perfect Pairs, in which the player must obtain a pair of cards in order to win a prize.

AG Stream

Asia Gaming’s ability to adapt current trends into playable games is one of the industry’s strongest points. One such instance is the AG stream. Some of the women that host the live stream called Asia Gaming’s Executive Stream are attractive. Lastly, we’ve reached the fun part. You are free to sign up with and make bets with whichever livestreamer best suits your needs. Livestreamers are not the only ones who can receive tips. You win or lose based on how popular the livestreamer is with their audience. Since the human element is central to what makes AG Stream so great, you can be sure that you’ll have a blast.


As was previously noted, Asia Gaming offers a staggering selection of ground-breaking titles. Betting on the blockchain is one of the most popular games. Asia Gaming uses their own unique encryption, which is not the norm. First transaction is at the discretion of the players, and proof of identity is required. When that happens, the wagering begins. Then the scores on each card are encrypted and the shoes are combined before being made public. What follows is the truly astounding section. Once the card has been opened, the accompanying device can be used for verification purposes. If the results go in your favour, you can consider yourself successful. The procedure entails placing bets over the internet using solely the Blockchain technology. Encryption is publicly available during this phase. It’s also confirmed in a public place.

VIP Program

Given the number of online gaming casinos on the market, it would seem strange for a regulated and authorised live casino to not provide its customers with a VIP program. Asia Gaming also offers a VIP program because of this. A VIP program is initiated to provide loyal members with special deals, more advanced services, and many other thrilling benefits. There are birthday discounts, regular prize drawings, and a special “VIP Bonus Program” too. This keeps the high rollers in the betting home, maintains member loyalty, and increases their chances of winning.

Regular members are instantly upgraded to VIP status after meeting the appropriate deposit criteria within the allocated period without having to go through a lengthy registration procedure, and even better, there is no registration charge! To join the VIP programme, members just need to get in touch with the Winbox customer support team and provide a lucky random number of their choosing along with personal information. A daily occurrence event that VIPs could enjoy would be winning the grand cash prize if the first number of the award matches the lucky random number of choice. How great is that!

Joining the VIP program is a win-win situation! Both parties involved, members and the live casino are able to benefit from this VIP program offered, given that it is able to be applied worldwide.

Customer Support

It is relatively common for participants to encounter technological challenges or require assistance in obtaining further information when exploring the Asia Gaming websites. As a result, it is essential to have a skilled and qualified customer service team that is timely, helpful, and responsible. Winbox, as expected, has a competent customer support team that is now available to assist consumers from all over the world.

The personnel is always available seated in front of the computer to assist players with just about any difficulties they may have, delivering immediate solutions. For example, if you have any inquiries relating to how to make deposits, withdrawals, claim free credits, participate in the VIP programme, special monthly promotions, or anything else, simply contact the customer service team.

The live chat feature, which is offered on the site of an online casino, is without a doubt the one main communication tool between players and Asia Gaming. Regardless, once the chat box is in control and has filtered the sorts of problems or inquiries that the players are sending to us via the live chat, our customer support staff will respond to the needs of the scenario immediately. To strengthen our customer service help and support, alternative live chat options are available on the Winbox website, for instance, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email.

Asia Gaming User Experience and Feature

For years, online casinos have been on the market with experience in designing magnificent slot games; games with smooth animation, exquisite visuals, and appealing bonus features. Despite being a relatively young online casino platform in the market, Asia Gaming has used fantastic technology, HTML5, which has made the gaming industry easier and more accessible to people all over the world. HTML5-powered games function on all platforms, including iOS and Android, to fulfil the needs of all people across the world.

As a consequence of this, these games are compatible with all of the devices that are now available on the market. This makes it possible for them to be played on any device while retaining their optimal level of performance regardless of the screen size. Whether you choose to play on a desktop computer or a mobile device, you are prepared to get started! Asia Gaming was able to acquire not only a reliable licence from the First Cagayan but also a fully licenced gaming authority that has been evaluated by Gaming Laboratories International. This means that members can play these games with complete assurance that they are doing so in a risk-free setting.

Payment Methods

A proper payment option that is trustworthy and efficient is also required to offer a quality and fun gaming experience. It is uncommon and unsatisfactory to come across a reputable and licenced online gambling casino that does not give consumers with many choices for making deposits and withdrawing earnings.

In this context, Winbox works effectively since it allows users to rapidly top up their gaming account from a specific bank, an ATM bank, an internet transfer, or an e-wallet transfer for all of their transactional activities.

Having stated that, players have numerous payment alternatives, including Public Bank, HongLeong Bank, CIMB Bank, and MayBank. The fact that each player is entitled to choose the method of payment that is most comfortable and practical for them —- this gives the Winbox platform an extraordinarily high degree of accessibility. Players can transfer money directly into their Winbox accounts without the need for an intermediary such as third-party transfer.

Final Thoughts

Spadegaming is one of the most popular software providers with a wide range of online slot games, video slot games and fishing games. It even has a wonderful system of arcade betting in the form of e-gaming.

Winbox is one of the largest online casino platforms that have online operations. It sustains a wide customer base from all over the world. Spadegaming has partnered with Winbox since it is one of the most secure and best online platforms.

Spadegaming offers an incredible amount of experience in the form of epic games. The games have unique storytelling elements and also an amazing amount of graphical appeal.

Winbox fills the gap when it comes to security as well as bonuses and rewards to keep the customers.

FAQ about Asia Gaming

What is Asia Gaming?

Asia Gaming, incorporated in 2012, is an online casino provider and one of Asia’s most inventive advanced gaming software companies. It offers professional and innovative thoughts, as well as a dedication to producing trustworthy goods and services that can boost player experience, promote player visits, and earnings by representing the brand image.

Is Asia Gaming Safe?

Asia Gaming is completely secured to play because the gaming provider obtained the First Cagayan licence along with certification from Gaming Laboratory International (GLI), encouraging responsible gambling among players. However, one must still be cautious while selecting a website or platform to access the game using Asia Gaming.

How do I download Asia Gaming?

You may encounter certain difficulties or ambiguities while attempting to visit the Asia Gaming website without the use of a VPN plugin. There is a simpler and more trustworthy alternative, which is Winbox, which you can use via the website or by downloading the Winbox App on your iOS or Android.

How do I register on Asia Gaming?

The registration procedure with Asia Gaming may differ amongst apps. However, the Winbox App is indeed the recommended method. You can instantly register an account and participate in the game with its simple registration, login method and clear webpage presentation style with just a few clicks.

How do I deposit on Asia Gaming?

The deposit amount in Asia Gaming is determined by the online casino where the players choose to play. Choose a game and chat with the online casino’s personnel to deposit your funds. Majority of the personnel are available 24/7 to help all participants with their inquiries.

How do I withdraw from Asia Gaming?

Due to the range of accessible payment options worldwide, the withdrawal process from Asia Gaming may differ amongst apps. Players are recommended to contact the online casino personnels who are available 24/7 to speak about their inquiries. The funds will then be transferred to the banking information provided.

How do I contact Asia Gaming customer service?

Most of the online casinos provide customer service with customer personnel being available 24/7. One of the simplest methods to reach out to them is through the live chat feature, which can be found at the bottom of the website or in the app.

How can I claim the free credit from Asia Gaming?

Winbox App will give a welcome bonus free credit of RM10 to each and every new registered account on its app, where players can utilise to play any game in the online casino. Moreover, players can receive from a daily RM20 Deposit Free on RM20 credit insertion.


You can visit us or go through our WhatsApp or Telegram to contact us.

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As a top-ranked leading online casino in ASEAN countries, we have the top notch software development team to work on our game applications, excellent and 24/7 responsive customer service team, effective and creative minded team and professional and experienced technical team to ensure that our customers have the best and secured gaming experience.





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