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The moniker 918Kiss is not unfamiliar to any native online casino players; it has been utilised for many years. The well-known casino brand, formerly known as Scr888, is adored by many people. Its potential to host up to 200,000 players concurrently is one of the factors that contributed to its popularity in Southeast Asia.

Slot games, fishing games, arcade games, and table games, all of which are well-known and popular casino game types, are available here with a variety of game themes, rewards, and characteristics. You will be able to appreciate every facet of the app’s gameplay thanks to its fantastic design, quick animations, and unique themes. This is the place to go if you enjoy playing live casino games online with millions of other gamers from across the world.
In addition to Southeast Asia, the brand has rapidly spread into many other countries, as previously stated. As a result, the website’s content is offered in numerous languages, including English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Thai. Since 918Kiss is controlled by the Gaming Council, players do not need to worry about security and safety concerns when visiting it, since it is a reputable site that is always accessible via mobile devices.

What is Test ID?

Test ID is one of the most prominent phrases associated with online casinos. The purpose of Test ID is to enable gamers to enjoy all available games on a certain platform without risking their own funds. The most significant difference is that it does not let wagers with real money. It is also known as a demo account, which is a publicly accessible account. 918Kiss recognises the requirement for test IDs and provides up to 9,000 of them. As a result of their careful action, it is one of the causes for their success.
A gamer should be able to play online casino games, such as slot machines, without risking their own money. This is the ideal time to require a test ID that ordinarily comes with unlimited game credit. Typically, test IDs come with a substantial amount of game credit, which is automatically “reloaded” when the player exhausts it. The entirety of test IDs’ gaming credit is only represented digitally; no cash is placed. In accordance with this principle, a player cannot cash out any credits earned while using the test ID, even if the account’s game credit balance increases. In truth, test ID could also be used to assess a player’s luck.

Why you need Test ID for 918kiss?

It is highly recommended that gamers make extensive use of the test IDs supplied by 918Kiss. It enables players to test out all the games on 918Kiss and determine which ones are the best fit for them. More than 100 games, including slot games, arcade games, table games, and fishing games, are offered on the platform, ensuring that every player will find a suitable game. Before wagering real money, one can access the game using a test ID in order to avoid foolish losses.
In addition, by using test IDs that do not require a cash deposit, gamers can determine which games offer better and greater payouts while playing. As the return to player rates vary across games, it would seem foolish not to use the test IDs provided by 918Kiss to at least obtain a rough sense of a particular game. Once players become familiar with the game, they should be aware that it is time to depart the game using their test ID and begin their incredible gaming trip on 918Kiss.

How to login via Test ID?

After understanding the benefits of test ID, it is time to log in using the test ID created by 918Kiss. Below are the login information and step-by-step instructions required for gamers to begin utilising a test ID.

User ID: test1000 – test10000

Password: 1234 

Step 1: Install the 918Kiss mobile app on your mobile device. 

Step 2: Launch it and log in using the aforementioned account IDs. 

Step 3: User ID: test3888 and password: 1234 (Example). 

Step 4: If “test3888” is not accessible to log in, it is occupied by another user; try a different test ID until you are able to log in.

Keep in mind that the User ID is not “test1000 – test10000,” but rather any number between 1000 and 10000, as 9,000 excess test IDs have been created for members. One test ID can be used to log in by a single user, who will then have full access to the account until he logs out. If a member has any issues with test ID, customer service is always available to assist.

If you are unfamiliar with how to download 918kiss, please visit “How to Download 918kiss.” It is a helpful instruction for anyone having problems downloading the 918kiss app from the Winbox platform.

Try these games in Test ID

Dolphin Reef

The concept of Dolphin Reef allows players to explore the ocean’s depths and its lowest depths. All skill levels can wager on a 5-reel, 20-win-line slot machine. This animated slot machine features wild symbols, scatter prizes, and a potentially lucrative free spins bonus. The presence of seahorses, sea turtles, starfish, and clownfish can enhance the underwater experience.

Monkey Story Plus

This game is simple to play and has an intuitive interface. Before the game begins, players must place a wager that they believe will be successful. You may place as many characters as you choose, but you must place at least one character to join the game. The side wager for the banker, the player, and the tie is as follows. The odds of winning each round vary and fluctuate at random. People enjoy playing this game since they can apply a multiplier and their wager sizes can range from 2/100 to the maximum.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

The objective of Da Sheng Nao Hai is to exterminate as many distinct species of marine life with the fewest number of shots feasible. The amount of credit invested in the game is exactly proportionate to the quantity of available virtual bullets. Before wagering real money, players are recommended to test this game with a test ID. Moreover, Da Sheng Nao Hai’s visuals are rather impressive, and the game contains excellent music, huge score multipliers, and a multiplayer mode.

“Discover more games on 918kiss by visiting the “Top 10 games on 918kiss” section for a comprehensive list of the best options available.”


In conclusion, test ID is something that players should do regardless of the reason for doing so, be it to test out various games or simply to have fun; they are suitable for any purpose. If we were to state that the availability of Winbox makes gambling significantly easier and more convenient, then the availability of test ID makes gambling more intelligent and precise.
Because 918Kiss offers a huge selection of games in a range of genres, it is vital for players to evaluate which games and themes best suit their own preferences. Players may use these test IDs, which come with an infinite amount of game credit, to assess which games they find the most pleasant.
After gaining familiarity with the games of interest through the use of a test ID, players can use their personal Winbox account (which is connected to 918Kiss) to start earning money. Winbox also gives its players with a big number of spectacular incentives and promotions; you may follow every promotion that Winbox offers by visiting the page titled “Winbox Promotion.” In fact, you should never pass up a chance to claim yours, as doing so will boost your chances of winning. Best of luck!

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